Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Buried Diffuser for Climate change and drought mitigation

Drought is actually a worldwide problem: in poor countries as well as in rich countries. USA is considered as the top developed country in agriculture with high technical and scientific level. But What USA and other developed countries (Europe, Japan, etc.) could not control is drought and flood.
Drought and flood are facts everywhere in the Globe: in arid, semi arid régions, in humid regions and regions getting more then 1000 millimetres (40 inches) rainfall per year. Man can not change the climate and stop tornadoes, heavy rains and floods, and stop droughts.

We have to review our behaviours toward water resources and review our existing technologies which contribute in the lost of the fossil water tables. Just one example: the big circles producing cereals in the desert conditions, in many countries worldwide (USA, Algeria, Arabia Saudi, Australia etc.), using pivot irrigation technology, is a real catastrophe. We have also to find new ways and methods to “cooperate” with Exceptional heavy rains and with Droughts (short seasonal drought and long 2 till 3 dry years.).The Exceptional heavy rains cause dramatic floods even in USA. This huge of water, after causing disasters, is lost in the oceans, seas and salt lakes, in the desert. Is It possible to avoid the disasters and water lost during the Exceptional heavy rains and store billions of cubic meters in the soils and in the underground water tables?

For storing the rain water in the underground water tables, the technology exists. We have to use it more and more. But storing the water in the soil to mitigate short term and long term drought is something New, New, New. This new concept has been validated in Tunisia, a semi arid and arid North African country. This new concept includes: “the anticipated irrigation using buried diffusers” and “the Water Injection and storage in the deep soil layers, using buried diffusers”

The “anticipated irrigation using buried diffusers” is: Instead of irrigation during the hot or the dry season, the irrigation using Buried Diffusers is done during the autumn and winter or during the rainy season. The amount of water of the “Anticipated Irrigation” should cover the total need of the crop during the hot or dry season (spring and summer). This water amount is stored in the deep soil layers will be used by the deep or sub surface roots systems of the crops. This“anticipated irrigation using buried diffusers” is still in use in Tunisia and will be transferred to Arabia Saudi, Morocco, Kenya, Nigeria and many others countries. The experimentation on cereals (wheat, corn, sunflower, etc.) of this “anticipated irrigation using buried diffusers” is programmed during 2014.

The “Water Injection and storage in the deep soil layers, using buried diffusers” is useful especially for trees crops. The injected water comes from: dams, rivers, and springs. The amount of the injected water could cover the need of the trees for several years (2 to 3 years) when the soil below 50 cm is thick (1 meter or more) and contains minimum 10% clay. This injected water is conserved (stored) in the deep soil layers (50 cm below the soil surface) and used later by the deep root systems of the trees during a short or a long drought period: six months till 3 years. During the drought, the trees produce normally using the injected and stored water. This“Water Injection and storage in the deep soil layers, using buried diffusers” is still in use in Tunisia and will be transferred to Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Kenya, Nigeria and many others countries.

Chahtech is seeking states, countries, international organisations (FAO, UNDP, UNEP, IFAD etc.) and NGOs to transfer this technology, there where there is problem of drought, food security and hunger.

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